Ibiza Etiquettes

When in Ibiza don’t be a Londoner! There are etiquettes and the locals would love to see you follow them. It makes it easier for everyone involved.

  • First always travel with a few copies of your European Health Insurance Card and your passport wherever you go since you need these in case of medical emergencies. Besides, carrying your passport is mandatory by law. Moreover, if you plan on paying by credit or debit card then you also need to produce a passport.
  • If you plan on driving then your car better have two reflective bibs, two warning triangles, a spare headlamp and also a spare tyre. Kids below 12 years will not be permitted to sit in the front seat and need approved safety belts.
  • Next up, never share tables even if you happen to be in a fast-food joint. This is considered impolite.
  • If anyone introduces you to their friends, they may want to kiss you on both cheeks and this is tradition but it is not applicable to hotel staffs or employees so don’t do that with them.
  • Lunch timings start from 2pm and dinner around 9pm though 10pm is more the norm. In resorts though you can eat just about any time.
  • If you need to go to the toilet, a bar will let you use their toilet.
  • Never ever roll around drunk in public, the Spaniards like their drinks but hate those who go overboard afterwards.
  • If you plan on drinking a lot, then prefer the tapas or drinks at the bar instead of sitting at tables as they cost more. Sitting outside too can cost extra per item just in case you plan on doing so.
  • Locals do not leave large tips but rather an odd change for the snacks and drinks. 10 percent tip is considered as generous but 5 percent is more of the going rate. You need not feel bad leaving exactly 5% either just because you are a tourist.
  • Take hotel rooms without breakfast inclusive as they cost way cheaper and you can always spend that money down at the bars.