Mom’s Day Out


Girls on Tour, that was the only thing that stuck in my mind as I headed in for my third time touring Ibiza. This time though I had a companion, my two-year-old daughter who announced to the guys behind us on our Easy Jet flight, “Beeza is where we are headed!”

Yup, it was a mom and daughter vacation though not in the conventional sense at all. Instead of hitting the beaches and nightclubs, which obviously isn’t happening with my two-year-old around, I booked myself into a yoga retreat.

The retreat in particular was the Holy Mama, which is actually specifically designed to address single mothers with young children. The mornings are filled with yoga while kids are herded off to play together in Kindergarten style schools with qualified teachers. By lunch time, kids come back and meet up with the Mummies and together they gouge over a three course supper that unfortunately is all organic and vegetarian (my daughter is a pain with these vegan meals). A week of this goes by and you are back on the plane, bidding goodbye to the motherly side of Ibiza.

Okay, let me elaborate more…

If you have plans of simply leaving your kid in day care and heading out to party then think again, these resorts are not that kind of place. You end up spending more time with other mothers and their offspring so if you are not ready, this can prove to be quite a handful and less of a vacation.

By the way, Holy Mama is not cheap by any means and don’t expect models with model children either. It is the kind of retreat that attracts single mothers and naturally is designed to meet their needs.

The resort always stands by to provide gentle support if you need it and it is one of the ways to travel alone even after parenthood. Well, not exactly alone but at least without a safety net. Even the pool and grounds were fenced off!

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