The Shortcut To Opening A Garage

For a petrol head, with a desire to run a business in the fast lane away from paid employment, a car repair shop is a nice place to start. However, opening a garage is not easy. In fact, even for mechanics who have spent their entire life in car dealerships find this to be a difficult task. There are plenty of prerequisites to operating a viable garage and some of them are integral to even get the setup in the first place. Take for instance, the equipment. Without the equipment how will you service your customer vehicles? The cost of procuring all the equipment alone is a big hassle for most and indeed the biggest hurdle.

A shortcut here is to search for garages on sale, talk with the owner to see if they include all the equipment in the asking price or if they can do so with a slight increase in cost. If you can secure yourself a garage that comes with the necessary tools and equipment, nothing better than that. One of your major obstacles is taken care of the moment you rent or own a premade garage.

The next thing to look for when taking the shortcut to opening a garage is the convenience of the layout. Is there sufficient customer parking space out back or front? How about a reception where customers can book their vehicle checkup, talk with mechanics and receptions? Providing a sitting space or waiting area for customers is often a good idea but only if you have the space in and around the reception area and away from the garage. How about a payment counter and back offices? Yes a successful garage also needs a back office where papers can be filed and accounts are maintained, parts are stocked. Not to mention you also need a toilet and a kitchenette at the very least. You’ll also a decent insurance policy to cover you under the motor trade. We advise looking at One Sure Insurance’s traders policies.

Remember that the diagnostic equipment, ramps, tools, even public liability and insurance usually are all inclusive in garages for sale. However, another key aspect of taking this shortcut is to get the contact for suppliers and customers too. This is the best way to start off. Without contacts with suppliers and customers your business will make losses from day one but having this option, when the previous owner helps out by providing a few customers and suppliers, you can break even much quicker.

Operating a garage, even one that already has everything setup is a difficult task. There are caveats just as much as excitement. Be ready for both, because whether you like it or not, they happen to all garage owners.