The Basics

Why Go?

To start with because loads of songs feature Ibiza in one way or another! While that isn’t reason enough, let’s see if we can’t change your mind to come visit Ibiza for a change. By the way, for those who still have no clue where Ibiza is, it is a small island off the coast of Spain!

Now, as to why go there, it is because of what you see in music videos that feature Ibiza. The place has some of the best nightclubs and discos in the entire world plus picturesque beaches and coastlines that stretch for miles. By the way, some of the best hotels too grace the shorelines here. If you decide to come around the winter or autumn time, then you can enjoy the complete party scene here.

Best Time To Go

The place hardly ever stands still so you can basically visit Ibiza whenever you wish. However, the best seasons last from May all the way through October. It is beautiful this time of the year with almond blossoms out. July till August are the hottest months down here but they are a pleasant change from the balmy weather in England and ideal for activity holidays too. Summer is also the time when you get to see birds, plants and more. Sunshine though may be difficult as it does tend to rain a bit here but for us Queen and Country folks, that won’t be a bother.

Where To Go

Wild partying is why you come to Ibiza so if you are here for that then do visit the resorts at Santa Eulalia, San Antonio or Playa d’en Bossa. You will find loads of good shops, restaurants, waterfront bars and a decent cultural mix anywhere you go. The beaches are always beautiful no matter the time of the year and the countryside is as picturesque as it can get with a changing treeline as the seasons run their completion.

Before you go, keep the number and location of the British consulate handy. If the need ever arises remember that local prefixes are a must with all phone calls in Ibiza and you need to dial 971 first as the prefix. The British Consulate is located at Avenida Isidoro Macabich 45 and their number if 902109356 if you are in Spain or Ibiza. For those calling from outside, use the number 0034817146300.