Travel Ibiza By Boat


Touring Ibiza by boat is a fantastic option to see parts of the island that other tourists, and even residents don’t get a chance to experience. You can do it as part of a general Mediterranean boat tour, or a dedicated trip to the island. Something that a lot of people do which is actually unnecessary is book a hotel on the island whilst they are on the boat trip. This is a wasted expense, you can easily ditch the accommodation fees and put your belongings into short term storage. This is a much cheaper way to keep your things safe than renting a space meant for human habitation!

Exploring Ibiza by foot is commonplace, here’s what you can see if you plan a boat tour of the place.

Es Torrent

It is a restaurant that is also the local’s favourite. Not so much on the radar of celebrities, the restaurant does not draw a huge crowd but is best known for its sombre atmosphere. You should order a paella for your table and do have the smoky barbecued squid. They have a personal launch and so will receive you from the boat if in case you do not have a launch of your own. Just make sure to reserve a table beforehand.

Es Vedra

When lunching at Es Torrens, do head to the nearby Es Vedra too. This tiny but rocky island also has Ibiza’s unofficial totem. It also happens to be the world’s third most magnetic place. Other attractions include the natural diving platforms that are chiselled from the rock faces with a steady but not too crowded draw of tourists.

Cala Bonita

Situated in Plata S’Estanyol, more towards the north of the Ibiza town, this is not so much on the tourist map. It has more sun loungers and empty beaches than anything else. Cala Bonita happens to be the only restaurant around here so you can always expect a cosy and crowd free environment with some delicious recipes.

Es Palmador

Situated near Formentera, this is actually an uninhabited island that has excellent sunset spots. The beaches are pristine and the island is adventurous too. You can even find sulphurous mud baths in the centre, which is believed by the locals to have curative powers.

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